Another page from my diary during my recovery from eating disorder

It’s my 21st day, and I always wish myself good luck for the next one. Thank you for being and for all the support I find here. You are so special and so unique women that I feel privileged and like “the chosen one “! Because we are unique with great skill that many people lack. It’s difficult, And I often feel unsure and even shaking inside like today in the bakery shop. I made the right choice for the afternoon tea. Berries with yogurt and a few bites of chocolate croissant! Wow: I’m cooking a delicious dinner tonight and wanted just a light snack. But before the recovery period, I would eat much more till I would be sick. I’m wondering, wow, how it happened that I’m starting to be healthier step by step?

I follow the Structure Eating. I eat 5 times per day, sometimes six. I make mistakes, I may eat more or less, so I may feel not too hungry, but I stick to my Structure Eating. I’m recovering, I’m learning to make my meals, and I don’t expect them to be correctly done and measured. My weight went on a third plan. I have read about the changes to my body, and I accept it all. My belly is going back to normal, by the way, and I love myself as I am. I’m fit and full of energy!

I include forbidden food very often. Yesterday blueberry cheesecake was amazing! Just one piece, and I felt great. 

If I feel I can test myself, I do it: one ice cream at a time stopped being a problem.

Eating Disorder and my problems are separate issues. I deal with them separately!! It helps so much. Treat it separately. Don’t cover one problem with another.

There are different approaches to any situation. It depends on the person. The feeling is only a feeling, and we may change it just by changing our attitude.

I love and forgive myself, I don’t blame myself.

If I feel unsafe when someone offers me a snack, I say,” thanx I just ate, or .. Sorry it’s not my time yet, or “a hot cook is waiting for me with a meal I can’t disappoint him if you know what I mean ;)” of course no one knows what I mean hahaha

It’s hard but no one said it will be easy ! We have got the fire girls and we are gonna let it burn! 

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