Diary page – lessons learned

Hi to all of you beautiful people! This is another page from my recovery path, written just a couple of months after starting a recovery. I added some extra notes to it as I have learned a lot more.

What I have learned through all these years:

1. When you feel high, fit, doing exercises, dancing… you may restrict yourself too much. I realized that no matter how happy or strong I feel, I won’t restrict.

2. If you feel low: dance. Play the music that drives you crazy and dance. Instead of buying cakes in your low mood – Go to the music section first! It works.

3.  I actually had to stop all exercises whatsoever to recover. 

4. Alcohol is not so good during the first stages of recovery: you want to feel fresh and good while alcohol is like an over-effective feelings killer.: you don’t feel good or bad. You may lose control, so be careful with it. I realize I feel great when I drink a delicious smoothie. Oh yeah, it rocks even better.

3. The two cards (which paths you choose – ED path vs health path ) are very effective for me and remind me of my dreams during my recovery. It’s good to always keep them close.

4. I realize and always spot the thinking error “all or nothing”. One piece of cake won’t damage your healthy eating but will do the opposite: it will give a positive boost :). Also, if you feel you failed in any aspect of your life (work, school, home, the argument with a friend): it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Learn from your mistakes – they will make you stronger.

5. Never blame the situation nor anyone. It’s not the situation nor the person that triggers you. It’s the path in your brain that you don’t want to follow. You can sort it a better way! Come on, girls, we can do it and stay beautiful as we are !!

6. Structured eating is the main tool that leads to recovery. In the face of many problems in our life which we can’t avoid… That one thing is sorted: I eat as I plan and desire.

7. Feeling fat is only a feeling. I’m beautiful no matter what, and I feel great about myself no matter what. So get lost everyone or anything that /who has anything against. I just won my life back, and I’m the happiest and luckiest person in the world !!!

8. If I eat because I’m hungry, it doesn’t indicate a lack of control, even if it’s out of “regular eating hours”, – So I’m not going to go over what will make me feel satisfied for the time being. I love being me. I’m kind to myself.

9. I reintroduce all the desired food from the denylist and delete the word forbidden. No food is prohibited. What I eat is my choice, but nothing is forbidden. I do not restrict. If I really want to eat something, I’ll do it in my time, and I’m going to feel good about it.

10. If I feel hungry and there’s no food around, the meeting takes too long, and my time to eat is just passed over: I don’t panic. Again, it’s only a feeling, and I can cope perfectly with it. I’ll eat when I can. A bit less before the Main meal or a late lunch, I can always drink light tea later and cook a nice dinner to chill out after such a stressful day.

11. Remind yourself of staying calm, eating your planned delicious warm dinner. I don’t need to jump on food, stressed after meeting just because I’m stressed and hungry. Imagine a safe, friendly, desired moment, close your eyes and breath deeply. Have a light drink, a small snack and go back on track :).

Love and Light

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