Your body and mind are a happy place to be.

Your body regulates your weight. You may question this, but as a matter of fact it is truth. And the way your body regulates your weight doesn’t work against you. Your body feels good and happy if it is not deprived. Your body will never make you cry but smile. Can you imagine a situation when you schedule yourself for a toilet? It happens naturally. You drink fluids and your body decides whether you need a wee or not. It is the same principle with food. You listen to your body, eat well, don’t starve – and your body and mind build this trust. You stop feeling any urges or cravings. Because if you know that you will have a meal it in two hours, or that you can have that piece of chocolate if you like – why bother to stress out and cry about it?

Being in balance requires work. But nothing is easy and as long as you keep going towards that direction, you will succeed.

Letting go may sound stressful. But letting go may be the best cure you could ever give to yourself.

During my recovery I let go of all my limitations. I structured my meals to six per day and always included “forbidden” foods. It wasn’t a challenge as apart from an apple, everything else was forbidden. Step by step I returned to eating normally, slowly building trust with my body and mind. I am not talking about overcoming simple habits – I am talking about building new habits and overcoming eating disorder that was consuming my brain through a big part of my life.

Today, let go. Smile and forgive yourself everything that made you feel sad. Anything you did was because your body truly needs to heal. You need more than you think. If you feel like eating – eat. And stop blaming yourself. Enough. You are enough. You are beautiful here and now and today and always.

Love and light


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