Follow your passion

Today I want to write about passions. The interests that fulfil our lives.

I love mountains. Most of photos here are from my adventures. They are my inspiration and my escape. The mountains is a place where my mind rests and where I find balance. The mountains are my meditation. I have been hiking since the age of 9.

After I recovered I focused on hiking and climbing apart from work and taking care after my two wonderful children. In August 2019 I climbed the highest mountain in Europe – Mt Elbrus in Caucasus mountains at 5642 metres. I would never be able to do it if I had ED.

Then just back in February 2020 I had a massive accident in the mountains where I have been taken in an avalanche. I will share that story in another blog. I faced death and I felt calm. I faced my fears.

There are ups and downs in life and what makes our life so special is that after the hardest climb come the best views. Recovery is hard. O hell yes! But it is worth it and once you are on the other side – you will never look back. You will never restrict – because your mind and body will be in a beautiful balance.

Don’t feel ashamed of failures and let those moments not pull you back. Because you are already at the right track. You are already recovering – because you are here. Because you took this step forward.

Look deep into yourself and think of what you love most. We are all different and the recovery feels different for everyone. But the principles are the same. To build a healthy relationship with food, disconnect it from our everyday struggles, re-build the balance and trust with our body and mind. Heal.

Today do what you love most. Whatever gives you that warm feeling of love and happiness – that is your passion. Connect with it. Make a romance with it. And never let go. What is what you love most?

Love and light


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