Be your best friend

Imagine that your best friend struggles, just like you. She or he may be very harsh to her/himself. You value your best friend – you want her/him to be happy. You can see how beautiful she/he is and how many positive attitudes she/he has: sensitive, caring, loving, great companion, good fun, laughing, hard working, intelligent, beautiful. And you are questioning yourself : Why he/she cannot see all these values?

Would you say nasty words to your best friend? Would you criticise your friend? I’ll bet that you would say all good things to make her/him happy.

Now look into yourself. Beautiful, sensitive, intelligent and caring. How would it feel to say to your friend harsh words and judgment? Do you talk to yourself in a good way?

Today cuddle yourself, love yourself. Say good things – be your own best friend. Your body works very hard to keep you alive. Your heart beats around 100.000/day, that is 35 million times in a year. You deserve balance, love and to be happy.


The key to build neural pathway is the way we think. Our subconscious mind registers what we say and what we think. In order to re-build the balance – we need to re-build our thinking pattern. Our struggles, emotions, daily problems – cause our mind to look for an escape, a balm, elixir that would release these emotions. Eating Disorder feeds with these moments. If we learn to separate that from ED – we are already in the winning position. ED is not just about eating but behind that is our behaviour, our thinking pattern and our beliefs.

I struggled for so many years until something clicked. And that happened after I read, learn, read, shared my help and read. I will never forget that lady who posted on the forum where I was a member – she wrote about body set point weight and explanation of how much food we really need to recover. But the main moment of the “click” was when I read that I never binge. When I read that I was on Restrictive Eating Disorder Spectrum and that the reason for “overeating” that actually was feeding – was healing. This moment when my belief changed. This moment when one belief changed my life to full recovery. “oh girl!!” just don’t starve! Heal for goodness sake and your body will thank you for that. And leave these negative words behind.

No negative words and no more false beliefs. Period. What will make you recover is knowledge. I encourage everyone here to read about Minesota Starvation Experiment. I wrote about it in my other post

If you want a positive outcome – use positive words. For example: don’t say “I hope I don’t fail this exam”. Instead say “I am confident that I will pass this exam with high results”. Can you see the difference? In the first sentence you are predicting failing, and that is what your mind reads. The second sentence gives you that positive vibe. I will succeed!

So, as a summary for this blog I will say: Practice positive attitude and avoid words which are negative. It is not about smiling all the time, we all have bad moments. It is about your attitude to the situation and future that you create. We are what we repeatedly do and it will all come into place. Full recovery is a fact.

Love and light


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