Everything is in your mind

First of all I apologise for being absent. I have realised that not having time to write feels like not expressing nor reinforcing your beliefs. I have been consumed by work and private life.

I will explain a bit more what I do. I am a management accountant and I change the perception of boring to inspirational. I help companies grow and thrive and that is what consumed my time plus my family life.

Today I wanted to share something wonderful that happened and brought happiness to my life. And that is my relationship with my daughter.

We struggled for many years and I didn’t know how to help may daughter to be happy. What I realised is that by leading by example and not giving up will eventually pay off. I studied shamanism, did meditation nearly every day, yoga, mountains and went for many adventures. I took my daughter to places which I hoped would make her happy. I even brought home two kittens to see her smile.

The last months have been a time of love and trust. Me and my daughter have a wonderful relationship today. We share respect and love.

I was very quiet here for a few months but during this time I managed to heal what was broken after the divorce, stress and many mistakes I have made on the way. I am thankful for every good and bad experience which made me who I am.

Once we realise how powerful our mind is, everything is possible. We become what we repeatedly do, and if we want to change something, we need to put a lot of work and effort to achieve the goal.

One of the best ideas to be happy, which I want to share today is to do these three things every day, and in time – you will see how the mind shifts:

  1. Challenge your mind and body every day, even for 10 minutes only. Let it become your daily routine. Whether it is a new yoga position, physical workout or anything which is a challenge for you. I realised that by doing something really hard – makes other things easy. It puts your mind into another level of thinking “I am ready to take action today”.
  2. Be grateful for what you have, and repeat it dally – what are you grateful for today. Even a small thing, like a nice breakfast, a sun, a smile on your children’s face.
  3. Visualise your dreams. See yourself achieving your goal. Write about it, picture it.

Anything is possible if we put enough effort and work into it.

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