My name is Catherine. I am a mountaineer, a mum, a business owner and I love life. The mountains made me who I am today. I have been hiking my whole life. I share the strength here and I hope I can help you to find balance too.

This site and everything I write about is based on my own experiences and it is my own journey to reach balance in life. I created this blog to help you to overcome eating disorder by showing how to love yourself and listen to yourself. I managed to overcome and face the demons in my life – who disappeared when I stopped fighting them. It took me six years to fully recover and today I am proud and happy that I can share this with you and that I can share hope that full recovery is a fact.

I have not only learned how to love myself but gained the necessary knowledge of how our body and mind really works.

If you feel lost and look for help – finding your passion is a great way to start. 

This blog as an adventure. This is a blog about struggles and victories. I welcome you to comment and share your experiences too. Your life is another amazing adventure and if you treat it as such – all ups and downs will become your lessons, your memories and your roots to live a happier life.

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