Dessert after every meal

This may sound unreal but that is how my recovery looked like:

  1. Healed the relationship with food and build trust between me and my body and mind
  2. Structured eating which helped me to plan my meals
  3. Eat everything I ever want – so the forbidden food list disappear
  4. The scale went to the bin
  5. The mirrors – what I see is not necessarily what I really see.

That may be scary for many of you, but scary is good. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and realising that the set of believes you have built through these years may be leading you to a place that you hate.

Why not choosing the place you love and the feelings you choose to feel?

My structure eating consists of 6 meals: 3 mains and 3 snacks/desserts. During my recovery it was always a dessert. I will never forget going to a café and ordering a custard tart with strawberries. A cold sweat was running on my back and my face was as red as never. I thought the whole world was looking at me with a blame.

You have nothing to lose. You have nothing to lose. Remember that is only your body that regulates your weight and you only need to listen to your body and give the best you can. Your body will thank you back.

If you ever studied shamanism, have a read about medicine wheel. There is water in you and there is a fire, earth and air. What you need is balance. And that balance will always keep you in peace. It is your temple. It is inside you, and only and only you can find it.

You are what you repeatedly do – remember these words. Imagine that for many years you were walking through a field and you walked a path. Now it is time to make a new path and YES you can do it. You will be tempted to step on the old path ( relapses and falls) but we are not perfect. We have the right to fall and stand again. Just one step towards this new pathway is the first step to be happy and in balance.

Love and light


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